Digital Voice Recorder Clip 8

About the clip:

One of the most interesting claims of activity in this home
is that of the voice (and physical presence) of a little girl spirit.

During the "static EVP session", when we set a
digital voice recorder in a room and then left the room,
we captured the soft, but very clear voice of a little girl!

This clip has a lot going on, so listen carefully:
You can hear one of the female investigators talking downstairs,
and interestingly enough you can also hear a male-sounding
hoarse whisper voice speaking a few words.

About one second into the clip you can hear the little girl's voice.

Give this one several listens with headphones,
and see what you think she's saying!

(Remember, there were no children in the house
and nobody was in the room where this was reorded!)
CD Audio Quality

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