(Updated 04/9/19)

The equipment that CR Paranormal Investigations
(CRPI) uses is state-of-the-art.

It's the same equipment used on paranormal shows such as
Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and Paranormal Lockdown.

Here's a brief description of each piece of
equipment that CRPI uses to gather evidence:

Four-camera 720p HD night vision DVR system

Infrared night vision recording system featuring
four 720p HD night vision cameras with 65' night vision range,
audio-in-video, and motion-activated recording option,
recording to a 1 Terabyte hard drive.

Xcam SLS (Structured Light Sensor) camera system

A portable camera with a variety of sensors, including: Ultrasonic distance
detection, thermal temperature sensing and light frequency sensing.

This amazing camera also is able to sometimes detect the
physical presence of entites strong enough to manifest,
and can map out their image on the screen as "stick figures"
to give an awesome visual indication, recording all video and
screen captures to a max. 128 GB memory card.

ARCAM 2 (Apparition Recognition Cam)

This portable Kinect-based apparition mapping device is similar
to the Xcam SLS (above), but maps the environment using the Kinect camera and software.
It uses a 10" Windows tablet as a monitor, and will record the video as well.
This uses a rechargeable battery pack allowing 5+ hours of operation.

Sony HDR-PJ790V Infrared night-vision camcorder (2)

This amazing camcorder, with a 24.1MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor,
will record video at a near-cinema quality progresive 1920x1080 Full HD 24p/60p!
It's also the last of this line to include the coveted Night Shot feature,
which enables us to switch to IR night-vision mode with one button push.
Features Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization,
plus a top-mounted mic for crystal-clear surround sound recording.

Canon VIXIA HF R50 Full Spectrum Camcorder

Shoots 1080p HD video at 60p frame rate,
has fantastic optical image stabilization, and attaches
to a tripod for use as a static night vision cam.
This also has an external microphone jack so we're
able to attach a mic such as our Rode VideoMic Pro
to greatly enhance the audio of investigation footage.

Sony HDR-CX330 Full Spectrum Camcorder (3)

Also films 1080p HD video at 60p frame rate,
and doubles as a great handheld recorder with super
image stabilization and is equally good as
a static full spectrum camcorder.

1080p HD Infrared and Full Spectrum Camcorder (2)

Camcorder which has been professionally modified to record
the full spectrum of light (ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light).
Paired with an infrared (IR) light or full spectrum light,
this allows us to film in light invisible to the human eye.

Full Spectrum GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition

This GoPro is not only modified to see the Infrared and UV light
spectrums in addition to regular light, but it can be mounted to a
chest or head mount along with an IR or Full Spectrum light
so we can investigate hands-free if desired, while the GoPro
captures everything in front of us in 1080p HD night-vision.

Canon SX400 Full Spectrum digital camera

A professionally modified camera which accepts
deeper Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light,
to allow photos in the normally unseen spectrum of light.
It also doubles as a full spectrum video camera,
recording video in 720p HD at 25 FPS (Frames Per Second).

RODE VideoMic Pro shotgun microphone

Professional "Shotgun" microphone designed for use with camcorders and DSLR cameras.
This mic provides broadcast-quality audio for our primary video-camera rig,
and due to it's high sensitivity it excels as a mic for capturing EVP's as well.

FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera

This small, compact two-camera system attaches directly
to the charge port of a smart phone, allowing true thermal imaging!
With this device it's possible to differentiate a spirit entity
from a living being by the color of the thermal readout it projects
(Blue for cold, orange/red for warm/hot).
The phone's camera can be used to snap a photo of the event,
or actually record the entity in motion as a video!

Solo X Cam

Amazingly small, completely portable full spectrum recorder.
Records in 1080P HD and has a built-in 24 LED night vision light system.
This can literally be placed anywhere as a static night vision camera,
without the need for any cables or brackets.

720p HD motion-activated
night vision camera/video recorder

Has a 55-foot night vison range and takes 7 megapixel still photos.
We can select between photo, HD video or HD time-lapse photos.
The Early Detect Sensor has a 45-degree PIR sensor that picks up motion earlier,
so we'll never miss what is moving in front of the camera.

20 Watt IR night vision light

This amazing night vision light features custom-designed
20 Watt Infrared LED's along with patented power-boosting electronics.
Incredible effective range of up to 300 feet!

GL3 IR/UV (Wide Spectrum) light

Custom array of 5 powerful IR LED's and 6
extremely bright UV LED's that produce very
long-range and wide-angle beams for superior coverage.
Individual switches for the IR and UV LED's so we can
film in just IR, just UV,or both at the same time.

Custom Full Spectrum/Wide Spectrum floodlight (2)
(Infrared, Ultraviolet, and visible light)

This bright full spectrum light is made specifically
for use with Full Spectrum cameras.
Exclusive design allows us to switch from full spectrum
to wide spectrum with the flick of a switch.

Custom Wide Spectrum
(Infrared and Ultraviolet light)

This bright wide spectrum light is made specifically
for use with Full Spectrum cameras.
Exclusive design allows us to switch from wide spectrum
to infrared or ultrviolet only, with the flick of a switch.

Sony HVL IRC Infrared night-vision light (10)

This compact 8-LED night vision light has been
a staple of the Ghost Adventures crew for years.
Very powerful light with a custom dimmer-switch
so intensity can be adjusted on-the-fly!

Sony HVL IRM Infrared night-vision light

The IR light is virtually identical to the HVL IRC above.
Dimmer switch, powerful, long-range beam, plus the benefit
of being able change batteries with the push of a button.

GL6-ADV 120? Infrared Night Vision Light

Features a custom vaulted face with 120? beam spread for long range/wide angle illumination.
Has an approximate effective range of 100 feet indoors, about 80 feet outdoors

Custom Infrared (night vision) floodlight (2)

Exactly like the full spectrum light above,
but instead this light only emits infrared (IR) light.
The only difference is that 100% of this light is invisible
to the human eye, but visible to the camera,
enabling us to film in a completely dark room.

High-power 5-chip LED Infrared (night vision) light

This premium quality IR light packs a punch
with 4 High Powered Infrared LED's strategically
mounted in each corner of the light.

48 LED wide-angle Infrared (night vision) floodlight (2)

High-power night vision floodlight with 50 ft range.
Uses AC power, so no battery worries during investigations.

Phantomlite IR Flare (2)

Compact, yet high-powered IR night vision
light with wide light distribution.

P-SB7 Spirit Box
(All three models)

Uses a Milli-second adjustable forward or reverse frequency "sweep" technique,
with a high-frequency "white noise" distributed between frequency steps,
giving some spirits the energy they need to be heard.

P-SB11 Spirit Box

The P-SB11 functions like the P-SB7,
but can scan two AM or FM channels simultaneously!
Also is able to detect +/- 5 degree temperature changes
and indicate them with both an LED light and audible chime alarm.
This P-SB11 made it's debut on a recent episode of Ghost Adventures!

The Portal

The Portal is a cutting-edge spirit communication device designed by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal.
It's the earlier version of what is now the Portal Wonder Box, featured on a recent epsiode of Paranormal Lockdown.
This device uses any audio source such as a spirit box, shack hack radio, or one of the good spirit communication apps.
As the source audio is run through the Portal, its noise reduction, reverb, and overall ambience
work together to clean, enhance, and actually encourage spirit communication.

(Real-Time EVP Recorder, Data Logger, Spirit Box)

This amazing device combines the best features of an EVP recorder and a Spirit Box!
Operates as: A Standard EVP Voice Recorder, a Standard EVP Voice Recorder with
Simultaneous Real Time Audio Playback (adjustable delay of 1 sec to 60 sec),
and also as an EVP Recorder with White Noise added.
Built-in Spirit Box sweeps FM audio frequencies forward or reverse at 50 ms - 100 ms.

Ovilus III (4)

Theories suggest that spirits and other paranormal entities may be able to
alter our environment such as electromagnet frequencies, temperature, etc.
The idea behind this, is that an intelligent entity will be able to alter the environment
in such a way that forces the Ovilus III to "speak" an appropriate response.
Once an environmental change has been determined to be an attempt at communication,
this device will speak the word it senses and display it visually as well!
The device will also visually display the amount of energy used to make it speak,
and also has two thermal lights to indicate sudden temperature changes.

Ovilus IV (3)

The Ovilus IV functions nearly identically to the Ovilus III above,
but speaks in actual human voices (male/female, english/spanish).
It also will display the amount of energy around the device.

EMF-based "Yes/No" Communication Pad

This device eliminates the possibility of "false positives"
often associated with using flashlights for spirit communication.
The Yes and No buttons operate independently, each powered by its own battery.
The buttons are sensitive out to 6 inches, so they do not
need to be touched by a spirit to get them to light.

Paranormal Puck 2

The original version of the Puck was featured in some Ghost Adventures episodes.
This model, like the original, monitors EMF, temperature, humidity, light levels,
barometric pressure, movement, ionization / static levels simultaneously,
and doubles as an ITC communication device along the lines of the Ovilus.
This model differs from the original in that it needs only a tablet or smartphone,
eliminating the need for a bulky PC like the first version.

TriField Natural EM Meter

The Natural EM Meter alerts us of extremely weak static (DC) fields,
while ignoring electromagnetic fields from electronic equipment (AC fields).
This eliminates the chance of a reading having been caused by a man made piece of equipment.
As it encounters a field a tone will go off and the needle will move to give a reading.
If this occurs then we can be certain with this meter that the source is from a
natural biological EM energy, and not from any electrical appliance or wiring.

Mel-Meter REM

This instrument detects electromagnetic field (EMF)
and ambient temperature fluctuations in an area simultaneously!
Also uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate
its own independent magnetic field around the instrument,
causing the device to sound an alarm if anything generating
it's own EM energy (such as a spirit) comes close to it.

K2 EMF Meter (2)

The K2 meter is a popular and easy-to-use tool
to detect spikes in electromagnetic energy.
These spikes indicated by the multicolored lights at the top of the meter
may signify activity or communication from spirits.

EMF-822A Meter

A smaller, easy-to-use EMF detector that investigators
can use to get electromagnetic field readings.
Only reads EMF, but is very accurate and easy-to-handle,

REM-Pod with Shadow Detection

Designed exclusively for paranormal investigators.
EM radiating antenna detects energy disturbances
and fluctuations around the antenna.
Built-in shadow detection circuit has a range of up to 75 feet.


A more advanced version of the standard REM-POD.
Has manual and automatic baseline correction in addition to
a programmable 5-Step REM sensitivity "range" adjustment.
Also has a +5/-5 degree ambient temperature Hot & Cold spot detection,
giving both audio and visual indications of temperature changes.

HLC (Heat Light Converter)

The HLC is a flashlight with a built-in thermal / IR temperature
sensor that changes the light color as the temperature changes.
The flashlight operates within 5 different temperature ranges
enabling the user to detect cold spots, hand prints or other
temperature changes all without having to look at instrumentation.

EM/Static Energy Rods (4)

Clear, acrylic rods contain modified E-sensors,
which monitor surrounding EM and static energy fields
and light up according to the strength of the measured energy.
(These devices debuted on a recent episode of Ghost Adventures,
as they investigated the Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee.)

Vortex Dome

The Vortex Dome is triggered by static or Tribostatic charge
(the type of static thought to be produced by spirit manifestation)
It's internal antenna can detect static fields that are not
visible to the human eye, from as far as three feet away.
Once the device is triggered it sets off the 8 colored LED's,
which also can show the direction of travel of the field.


Picks up TriboElectric Fields and displays them visually on a 3" LED tower.
Designed for paranormal investigations to detect fields we cannot see with our eyes,
such as ones causing the hair lifting up on the arm during an investigation.

Shadow Tracker ST-1 (2)

This device was featured on a recent episode of Season 3 of Paranormal Lockdown.
It covers two separate detection methods in one stand-alone unit:
A shadow detector (responds to decreases in light across the sensors).
and a PIR motion detector (senses movement based on thermal signature)
They can be set to detect activity out to 8-12 inches away,
and have different modes regarding they way the LED's respond to activity.

Shadow Pro V Shadow Detector

This device evaluates the three distinct parts of a shadow, as well as, the shadow propagation speed.
We simply adjust the shadow level knob to the current ambient light setting (just below the alarm),
place the alarm in a key investigating location, and walk away. The Shadow Pro is now armed.
Features a fast Response Rate of 2000th of a second and low tone buzzer to announce anomaly
This device can be hand held, or placed in an area that we'd like to monitor for potential shadow propagation.

Footstep Detector

This incredibly sensitive vibration detection device
'listens' to vibrations and sends the readout to a visual display.
Designed to detect bangs and creaks in the floors or walls but is
sensitive enough to detect the slightest movement - even from afar.
The detachable sensor allows us to place the sensor on the floor and the readout on a table,
or we can place the sensor in one room while watching the read out in another!

Trigger Object Proximity Sensor

This attaches to virtually anything,, making it a "trigger prop".
This means that if an electromagnetic charge (as spirits are known to emit)
touches or comes close to the object, four LED lights will flash
and an alarm will sound, giving us clear evidence of the event.

Universal Trigger Prop Alarm

Functions almost exactly like the HTO (above),
but has a pre-set sensitivity range of approx. 6 inches.
Like the HTO, this can be attached to virtually any small object,
turning it into a trigger prop for spirit interaction.

Ovilus Series Energy Whistle

This device is placed in an area where we're trying to capture
EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) or photographic evidence.
It creates an EMF (electromagnetic field) "siren" by oscillating the field.
Just like an audio siren is easy for the human ears to detect,
the Energy Whistle acts as a siren within the Electromagnetic Fields,
potentially drawing spirits near to use the energy it emits.

Super EM Pump

Advertised as the most powerful EM pump made, it puts out over 20,000mg/Milligauss,
giving spirits a huge amount of electro-magnetic (EM) energy to help them manifest voice or form.
This model also has a Tripod Mount screw on the bottom, so we can mount on a tripod and use it anywhere.

Resonance EM

The Resonance EM is designed to create audio patterns in a magnetic field.
Many believe that paranormal activity is closely tied to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields).
The Resonance EM allows the user to perform many types of experiments
within the electromagnetic spectrum all in one easy to use device.

EM Pump

This devices functions much like the Energy Whistle (above).
It emits a changing and oscillating EMF field to act as a beacon
to spirits who need more energy to speak or manifest physically.

White Noise EM (2)

The White Noise EM creates "white noise" as an electromagnetic
signal rather than an audible signal, and is used to enhance EVP
(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) quality without interfering with the normal audio.
The White Noise EM will give us the best chance for a true class A EVP recording.

Panasonic RR-DR60 Digital EVP Recorder (1998 Japanese model)

This is considered by many to be the "holy grail" of EVP (spirit voice) recorders,
and this Japanese model is the most sought-after by investigators.

Panasonic RR-DR60 Digital EVP Recorder (U.S. model) (4)

This model of the RR-DR60 was distributed in the U.S,
and is also legendary for it's EVP capture ability.
It's been used extensively by our team with fantastic results.

Olympus WS-801 EVP Recorder (3)

A digital voice recorder can often pick up spirit voices
(Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP)
that are not audible to the human ear at the time of the recording.

Tascam DR-05 Digital EVP Recorder (2)

This recorder functions the same as the one above,
but at a much higher recording quality.
The Tascam records at up to double CD-audio quality!

Zoom H4N Digital EVP Recorder (2)

This is considered to be the state-of-the-art
digital voice recorder for EVP recording.
It's the model used exclusively by the Ghost Hunters crew,
and also records in double-CD audio quality!

Sony ICD B-16 Digital EVP Recorder (12)

This is the EVP recorder that Zak Bagans still regularly
uses in investigations on the Ghost Adventures TV show.
Sone of their best EVP evidence has been recorded on this device.

Sony ICD ST10 Digital EVP Recorder (6)

This recorder is used regularly by reknowned psychic medium Chris Fleming
and was among the recorders favored by the late Debbie Constantino.
Stereo recording with directional capabilities to boot.

Sony ICD-PX333 Digital EVP Recorder

Another recorder noted for its abilities to capture spirit voices.

Sony ICD B-25 Digital EVP Recorder

Very similar to the ICD-B16 above, this also features
voice-activated recording and a variable speed playback option,
useful for deciphering voices during EVP "burst-sessions".

Panasonic RR-QR240 Digital EVP recorder

This recorder is very similar in form and function to the amazing RR-DR60.
It is well known as an "EVP Magnet", and excels at capturing spirit voices

Olympus VN-4100PC Digital EVP Recorder (4)

This is the EVP recorder that Aaron Goodwin still regularly
uses in investigations on the Ghost Adventures TV show.
It has captured some great evidence for the GA crew.

Olympus VN-3100PC Digital EVP Recorder

Very similar to the VN-4100PC above, this recorder is also
excellent at capturing voices from the other side.

Olympus VN-7200 Digital EVP Recorder (3)

Like the other Olympus models we use on investigations,
this is another one known for it's ability to capture spirit voices (EVP).

Olympus VN-721-PC Digital EVP Recorder

Yet another Olympus recorder that we have had
great success with in capturing spirit voices!

Paranormal Music Box (PMB)

The PMB sends out an ultrasound pulse calibrated to bounce back from a fixed surface (like a wall).
If anything interrupts the ultrasound and makes the bounce distance deviate from the callibration,
then the light goes on and the music box plays its tune until the pulse disruption ends.

Boo Buddy Interactive Trigger Prop Bear

This bear is wired with special sensors to detect changes in the
area around it, AND it actually speaks out EVP questions
(in a kid-friendly voice) in order to trigger a positive response, then letting
us know when the environment changes. If anything changes
(EMF, motion, temperature), this bear will respond and speak
appropriately , letting us know that we may not be alone.

Baby Bear Static Field Detector Trigger Device

This adorable bear is wired with special sensors which can detect both
positive (green LED lights up) and negative (red LED lights up) static charges.
Either one could indicate proximity and motion of a potential spirit energy.

EMF Dog "Trigger Prop"

This amazingly realisitic stuffed Basset Hound
emits an EMF field from inside all the way from nose to tail.
If a spirit tries to touch or pet the dog anywhere on it's body
the EMF field will be disrupted, and lights on the nose and collar
will light up as a visual indicator, along with a musical alarm.

Laser Grid Light

Projects a bright set of laser dots onto a surface such as a wall,
making it easily noticeable if an entity passes in front of the beams.
Powered by an 18650 lithium-ion battery, it has a range of 10,000m
and will last approximately five hours with continuous use.

Laser Grid GS1

Any anomaly with significant enough mass that passes in front
of the laser will cause a visual disturbance in the pattern.
With enough mass, it will reflect back a different pattern,
bowing the lines along its surface.
This reflected surface pattern allows us to map out the anomaly
in 3 dimensions - something never before done in the paranormal field!

360 Degree Motion Detector

Four PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detectors provide 360 motion coverage.
Each sensor will detect motion out to 20 feet away, and each
sensor connects to a corresponding LED light on top of the unit.
A tone sounds and LED's light up to indicate direction of the movement.

Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Passive Infrared Motion Detectors detect or receive
the infrared heat signature off of anything that is above absolute zero.
If the sensor detects movement in
an area where there was nothing visible,
the sensor has picked up something invisible to the
naked eye that is giving off an IR heat signature.

Passive Infrared Motion Detector w/400 ft alarm range

Functions like the one shown above, but will send alarm to a receiver we carry with us,
up to 400 feet away from where the motion is detected.
This allows us to continue investigating other areas of a location
and still be able to monitor the detector left in another room.


Detects physical vibration.
The lights light up according to how much vibration is detected.
This can be used for detecting movement of objects.
Can be placed in an area to see if phantom footsteps or knocking
are also causing vibrations which would show they are really happening.
Can also be used as a "trigger prop" that spirits can touch,
making the lights turn on in response to questions.

Cobra 2-way radios

Small yet powerful two-way radios provide us with clear
and instant communication between command center and the team,

primarily to notify us of any anomalies picked up on our DVR monitor
while we are inside investigating the location.

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