Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 8/13/21)

Q: What can CR Paranormal Investigations (CRPI) do to help me?

A: We can help you identify and understand what is causing the experiences you are having at your location. We will work to uncover evidence of paranormal activity, as well as to find natural explanations for what you are experiencing. Our job is not to tell you that you have spirits there or other paranormal activity, nor is it to tell you that everything is explainable. Like you, we want the truth. Whatever that truth is, we will present evidence of that to you and give you our honest opinion of your situation. If there is paranormal activity at your location, then we will address with you steps to take to get the situation under control.

Q: What exactly will CRPI do to help?

A: We will conduct brief interviews of people living/working at your location. We will use a wide variety of audio/video and other scientific equipment to try to collect evidence of paranormal activity at your location, and thoroughly analyze whatever evidence we collect. After the completion of the evidence review we will meet with you and present our findings, at which time we will tell you if we believe you do have paranormal activity occuring or if the events you are experiencing can be naturally explained. If you desire, we can also provide you with your own copies of any paranormal evidence that we uncover at your location.

Q: Are you going to bring a big crew of people with you, like I see on some of those "ghost hunter" shows?

A: Absolutely NOT. We have great respect for your property and are honored that you would allow us into your home or business. We realize that having strangers on your property is a very personal situation. My hope in each investigation is to have no more than four people involved in the on-site end of things. We do not advocate one-person investigations, for purely safety reasons, although I would not rule it out in some instances. You can be assured that there will NOT be a big group of people trudging through your home or business!

Q: I don't want others to know about this. Will you keep your visit confidential?

A: Definitely! Every step of the entire process, from your initial call/e-mail, to the evidence reveal at the end, remains 100% confidential. We will never, under any circumstances, discuss your case with anyone outside of our team. Your name(s), address, and anything else that you would like us to keep under wraps will be kept totally confidential! Also, know that that any vehicles driven by our team members are UNMARKED. The vehicles will NOT have our team name displayed on them. Nobody will know that the car showing up at your location has anything to do with the paranormal.

Q: If you investigate my home and don't find anything, are you going to think I'm crazy?

A: No!! We have seen and heard it all in this work. We've investigated and encountered almost everything you can imagine. However, we also understand that the spirit realm is totally unpredictable. Spirits do not respond on cue. Of course it IS also possible that all of the things you are experiencing at your location have a natural explanation. And that's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Regardless of whether or not we find evidence of paranormal activity, we will never treat you as if you are crazy, uninformed, or out for attention. We completely understand how it must feel to have to reach out to a paranormal group for help, and we applaud anyone who has the courage to trust us and take that step!

Q: If you determine that my place is haunted will you get rid of the spirit(s) for me?

A: If you are experiencing a haunting, it may not be a spirit. You may be experiencing what's called a "residual haunting", which is where you are actually experiencing "replays" of intense physical/emotional/spiritual energy absorbed into your surroundings in the past. You could also be experiencing what is called PK (Psychokinetic) phenomena which isn't of spiritual origin. We work closely with skilled sensitives, mediums, and spiritual cleansers, so if your location is haunted by an actual entity (or entities), there's a strong chance that we can get them to leave your premises. We also are trained in ways to eliminate any negative spirtual (and personal) energy that may have accumulated. We are trained in identifying what may be a demonic presence in a location, but we can make no guarantees on removing demonic influences from your location. We are mainly an "observe and report" organization, dedicated to collecting/analyzing evidence and reporting results to our clients based on that evidence.

Q: I don't live in Eastern Iowa. Will you still come to my location?

A: Contact us and we'll make that determination after we can speak with you. We will travel outside of our area, but that's decided on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: We do NOT charge a fee for investigating. This is a labor of love, dedicated to being able to help people understand what they are experiencing. Nothing that we do for clients has any fee whatsoever attached to it! We do, however, gladly accept donations. If you feel that we have been of service to you, and you'd like to donate funds to help us simply cover our out-of-pocket expenses (batteries for equipment, gas/other travel expenses, motels,etc.), we'd accept the help. Please note that we do NOT expect any donations, and you should not feel obligated in any way to contribute!

Q: How do I get started having you investigate my location?

A: You can request an investigation now by calling us, toll-free, at 1-888-608-7437, or e-mailing us at:
We check our voicemail and e-mail constantly, and will get back to you a.s.a.p.!

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