Spirit Box Clip 3

About the clip:

This is another voice that came through the P-SB11 spirit box
during the session in the "bad" area of the basement.

During the entire spirit box session here, I also had a Mel-Meter
(Electromagnetic Field, or EMF, detection device)
set up on the floor about 3 feet to my right,

I noticed a slight EMF spike on the Mel-Meter,
and you can hear me document that in the clip.
(Spikes in EMF readings can sometimes
be an indicator of paranormal activity)

As soon I finish talking, a clear female voice comes through,
speaking two words, then pausing, then speaking one more word.
The tone of the voice has a deep, "ethereal" quality
that makes it sound as if it was in the room with us.

Check it out a few times with headphones,
and see what you think she's saying!
Double CD Audio Quality

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