Spirit Box Clip 5

About the clip:

This voice, recorded as it came through our P-SB11 spirit box,
is one of the most compelling and important pieces of evidence
that I've found - personally, or in CRPI.

This again was recorded in the "bad" area of the basement,

I had decided to "test" the spirits to see if any were around
who were strong enough to come through at the 50 ms sweep rate.
I did this because, at that sweep rate, the P-SB11 is
scanning frequencies at the amazing rate of 20 per SECOND.

This is important to note, for it virtually eliminates the
possibility of "radio bleed" being an explanation for any
complete word, let alone multiple words
that come through in the same voice.

In order for it to be radio, the voice saying
the word or sentence would have to be coming through
over at least 20 separate frequencies if it was a second long.
Even if the voice only lasted a quarter-second, that's still
coming through over 5 radio frequencies .

Now, imagine a voice coming through and speaking
mutiple words in the same human voice at that sweep rate!
That's exactly what happens in the clip you are about to hear!

You'll hear me challenege them to see if one is strong enough,
and right away you'll hear a female voice speak what I believe
is a three-word sentence directly responding to me.

What do you think she's saying?
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